Sea Point Vacations

Sea Point, a high-rise sea-front where evenings are beautiful

Sea Point is considered to be the most populated region close to Cape Town. It lies along the seafront and offers number of lavish apartments and hotels. It is the favorite place of dog walkers, roller-bladders and Joggers to have their morning or evening paved public walk. Main road has numbers of big shops and restaurants. Before establishment of V&A Waterfront, Sea Point was considered to be the most suitable destination to spend evening. Now, it is mostly visited by local people living there than the tourists who come to South Africa.

Cape Town Accommodation

Sea point of Cape Town offers two small coves but the coastal region is rocky covered with plants that generally grow on rocks. It also has pair of tidal pools; one of them is totally different and is defiantly male. Once an elderly woman had complained to the administrative council that she can watch nude men having sunbath, but when it was asked how is it possible to watch them from her apartment, she said “ By just standing on chair”. Very close to the Water front, is a very old but famous rend and white lighthouse Continue reading “Sea Point Vacations”

Wildlife in the Western Cape of South Africa

The Western Cape of South Africa has many wildlife reserves and national parks for residents and visitors to enjoy. The wildlife that can be found in the Western Cape of South Africa includes hundreds of thousands of fish, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Some of the most popular forms are buffalo, leopards, lions, elephants, and rhinoceros’.

Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

Some of the native people of the Western Cape of South Africa, the San, were the inspiration for the name of the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve. The reserve has more than one hundred thirty thousand acres located at the bottom of the Wamwaterberg. The Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is the only reserve in the area that allows lions to roam about freely. Continue reading “Wildlife in the Western Cape of South Africa”

Family Dinners Essential to Communication

You’ve heard the research. You know that establishing the habit of sitting down together for dinner as a family is critical to building and maintaining healthy communication with your children. But then you look at your calendar and wonder how in the world you can make time to squeeze in a family dinner every night.

First of all, as long as your family sits down together for dinner a majority of the time, it’s not necessary to do it every single night. However, if you find yourself unable to make time for a family dinner once or twice a week, you may need to take a hard look at your family’s schedule and see what activities can be eliminated or cut back. Once your calendar is clear and you’re ready to establish the habit of dining together, you need some survival strategies in order to plan, prepare and clean up after family dinners. Continue reading “Family Dinners Essential to Communication”